Q & A with author Meka James.


Happy Thursday!
This week, we caught up with author Meka James to ask her a few questions about her novel, Anything Once. Enjoy!


Interview question #1: Describe what your hero and heroine would consider the perfect date night.

They would enjoy a summer lawn concert. Pack a picnic dinner, some wine, sit out under the stars while enjoying each other’s company and good music.

Interview question #2: What does your hero love about your heroine and what does your heroine love about your hero?

Ian loves everything about his wife. Her wonderful spirit, kind heart, her sense of humor. And her ass. Quinn loves his caring nature. How he makes her feel loved and secure everyday. She loves that he can make her laugh and that he’s relaxed and easy going.

Interview question #3: For your hero and heroine, was it love at first sight or lust at first sight?

I wouldn’t say love, but there was a deep connection that was more than just lust.

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Excerpt: Anything Once by Meka James.

Ian looked back over his shoulder at her. “Pick your poison.”
Quinn slid to the edge of the sofa to get a closer look. There were around ten or so videos to pick from. Some were just numbers while others had real titles like Carrie Cums and Game of Thongs. Quinn suppressed a giggle, the names just as cheesy as the one she’d watched last night.
“Which one is your favorite?”
With a curt nod, Ian rolled the mouse to the third one from the top. Handy Harry. A quick double click and the screen changed. Ian adjusted so it took up the whole monitor. After the opening credits started to roll, Ian moved the laptop so it faced her more.
The video started with a brunette woman sitting at a kitchen table eating cereal and talking on the phone. She wore an impossibly tight, light pink tank top with matching sheer, boy-cut panties. After ending the call, she got up and went over to the sink to wash out her bowl. Water sprayed everywhere and in dramatic fashion she screamed her surprise. Tank top now soaked, her breasts easily shone through the fabric, nipples erect.
Ian got up and walked into the kitchen. Quinn watched him and his stiff movements of grabbing a glass from the cabinet and filling it with water from the fridge. A deep voice brought her attention back to the laptop. In the quickest response time ever, a handyman was there.
Handy Harry, dressed in blue jean overalls sans shirt. He followed her into the kitchen, water still poured from the sink, and he went to action shutting off the valves. After a few corny lines about being wet and being good with his big tool, the woman coaxed him out of his clothes under the guise of drying them. At the same time she pulled off her wet shirt, revealing her perky breasts to the man. They weren’t large like Debbie’s from last night. No, this brunette had similar sized breasts to her own.
A coincidence like the hair color?
A hot flush spread across Quinn’s entire body as the scene played out in front of her. The woman, now on her back, squeezed her breasts while Harry was down on his knees, his mouth feverishly working on her pussy. His tongue moved in sync with his fingers, much like Ian had done to her the night before.
Quinn contracted at the memory. She gathered the fabric of her dress up between her legs and pressed her knees together. The need for friction made her squirm. Her tongue darted out between her lips as the woman on the table shouted profanities while in the midst of her orgasm.
Scene change. The brunette, now down on her knees, looked up at Harry while stroking his large cock. With a coy smile, and another comment about his large tool, the woman leaned forward and took him into her mouth. Quinn let out a gasp, recalling last night’s video.
Could she get over her hang ups?
These women didn’t seem to have a problem; neither did her friends when they’d talked about it.
Out of the corner of her eye, she caught sight of Ian. He’d not moved from his place at the island. His ocean blue eyes burned with intensity as he watched her. No smile. No playful expression. Lust. Deep unhidden lust. Quinn pressed her thighs together tighter and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. The low throb in her between her legs seemingly pulsated in time with each increased beat of her heart.
They stared at each other. The sound of the couple on screen the only noise filling the room around them. The air sizzled with desire. Moisture gathered between her thighs, and her hardened nipples strained against the fabric. A contradiction from the last time they were in this situation.
“Why aren’t you watching with me?”
“I am.” The husky tone of his voice sent a bolt of lightning to her already wanton sex. She shivered from the phantom impact.
“How can you see from over there?”
“I see exactly what I want to see.” The hedonistic truth in his words acted as an electric current, the aroused energy starting in the follicles of her hair and radiating through her body down to her toes.
A hard swallow and a slow exhale, Quinn pulled her gaze away from her husband and cut it back over to the screen. The lady had finished and her face was covered in the guy’s cum.
She looked back over at her husband. “Is that one of your fantasies?”
Ian gave a slow nod. Quinn shifted her position, again clutching at the now wet fabric bunched up between her legs.
“What else?”
“Keep watching.”
“Why can’t you tell me?”
A slow, sexy smile spread across Ian’s face. “Watching you watch that…fucking hot as hell. And I want to see the rest.”
Quinn swallowed. Her body temperature shot up another twenty degrees. Last night’s reaction to the video paled in comparison to her current elevated level of horniness. Watching the video provided titillation, but Ian…Ian’s reactions to her, to watching her, not the porn playing on the screen, took those initial reactions and put them on steroids.

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