Q & A with author Brooklyn Knight.


Happy Sunday!
This week, we caught up with author Brooklyn Knight to ask her a few questions about her latest release, Torn.

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Interview question #1: Describe what your hero and heroine would consider the perfect date night.

Not sure. Remi is so busy trying to convince Sasha that she should be with him, neither of them have had a chance to consider this. Maybe by the next book, they’ll know.

Interview question #2: What does your hero love about your heroine and what does your heroine love about your hero?

Sasha is Remi’s mate, so he literally loves everything about her and cannot get enough of her. The sight and smell of her turns him on like nothing else can.

Interview question #3: For your hero and heroine, was it love at first sight or lust at first sight?

Honestly, it was a little (okay a lot) of both! They saw each other and the physical need to be with one another was excruciating – yet, their emotional connection was powerful.

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I did not tell her the truth about what I really am…
The circumstances surrounding our introduction are unimportant. The only thing that matters is that Sasha Wilcox is my mate and she belongs to me. A night of unbridled passion sealed the deal, but before I could tell her the truth, she was gone. Days have turned into weeks and there is no way I can be without her. I must find her and bring her back to me. No one will stand in my way, especially not the one man who thinks he can steal her from me, Stefan Miller.

I want him so badly, and I have no idea why…
The last thing I should be doing is thinking about Remi Moretti: the green-eyed Italian man who kidnapped me and held me hostage for three days in Tuscany. I want to say that I feared for my life while under his guard, but that would be a lie. The truth is, in a moment of… weakness, I gave my body to him. He set it on fire, but I escaped, and now I need to move on with my life with Stefan, a great guy, who will make a great boyfriend. But why do I crave Remi’s touch? Why do I smell his intoxicating essence every time I breathe? And why do I sense his presence, even though he’s in Italy, and I’m in Miami?


‘Do not run from me!’
I leapt out of my chair and rushed through the tables, but Roman grabbed my arm. “Yo, man, where you goin’?”
I jerked away from him and pressed forward, but suddenly, Stefan Miller blocked my path.
His teeth gritted. “No way in hell…” he muttered in disbelief. Without warning, he pulled his fist back and drove it toward my face, but I gripped his wrist and twisted it backwards. His mouth distorted with pain, just as his bones were about to crush under the pressure of my grip.
“Get the fuck out of my way,” I warned him. I could feel my eyes flaming, like they were about to ignite, and my wolf was pressing against my skin.
“I’m not scared of you,” he responded, but I smelled otherwise.
“But you should be,” I informed him. I shoved him away from me and returned my focus to the stage. I cursed.
She was gone.
‘I am coming.’
Suddenly, Stefan Miller lunged at me, but Roman appeared in front of him, restricting Miller’s access. “Go and get your woman,” he suggested with a smirk. “I’ve got this. Trust me…”
He’d barely said the words before an angry Stefan Miller was throwing himself at him, trying to get at me. Women screamed in horror and darted through the club, trying to escape the unexpected racket; and I turned around just in time to see security hauling inside.
Roman had it under control.
I needed to focus on finding Fiore.
I drew a deep breath and forged ahead, shoving against the throng, moving tables and chairs out of my way. When I reached the stage, I jumped onto it and rushed in the direction I had seen her go. Now, I was standing in a long empty hall. There was no sign of my mate, but I could smell her: frazzled, angry, horny. And something else.
I drew in an agitated breath and started down the corridor. “Sasha!” I called out. My voice bounced off the walls. ‘Fiore!’ I thought to her.
No answer.
I increased my pace and rounded a corner, just in time to see a door swing closed. When I reached, I flung it open. To my shock, I was greeted by a room full of half-dressed women, none of them my Fiore. A few shrieked in horror, but most ogled me, lust registering in their eyes as their clothes slid from their hands. Their breasts flashed, and my wolf jerked under my skin, dissatisfied.
“Fiore!” I called out, voice hoarse with desperation.
Again, no answer.
Now, I growled, not caring who heard. My eyes darted about the room, scanning the beaming faces. “Where is the woman who just passed through here?” I asked, just above a whisper.
The women gasped, but one pointed to a door at the back of the room. My stinging eyes jerked in that direction, and I marched towards the door. I pushed past the women, some of whom grabbed my arm, or brushed their fingertips against my body.
‘I am here now, and I will find you. Running from me is pointless.’
Her fragrance waxed stronger.
I barged through another door, surprised to find myself in a dark empty room. My eyes contracted, and my sight sharpened.
Suddenly, an object cut through the tense air, aiming for my body, but my hand shot up and I took it with a firm grip. I yanked it from the would-be perpetrator’s hands and pitched it to the ground. The sound of clanking metal erupted in the silence, and I jerked the culprit into me. Then, without a moment of hesitation, I crashed my desperate mouth against my mate’s.
Finally. After three weeks, I was tasting her.
Thirsty. Fucking famished.


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