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From the author of the successful debut Amara’s Calling

One cheating husband’s wife is another man’s treasure.

It’s the beginning of autumn when Kenya Hamilton’s husband decides to break the news to his wife that he’s been unhappy in their marriage and wants to leave. Meanwhile, at insurance adjustor Kevin Hayes’s house, his wife Lindsey unexpectedly leaves him for Cecil Hamilton, a black man, and fellow U.S. Marine. After his car is mistakenly vandalized, Kevin tracks down the perpetrator who happens to be Kenya, the other man’s wife. Kevin finds an unexpected source of solace in Kenya, and eventually sparks fly between the two. But, a suprise pregnancy will complicate the situation even further.

Leftovers With Benefits:


Seveyn Noel Crisco has just had her world rocked by devastating news that could break even the strongest person down. Instead of wallowing in her sorrows and basking in humiliation she changes the plans and decides to take off on a flight with her girls to Trinidad.

What’s supposed to be a girl’s trip turns into so much more when she comes face to face with the owner of Island Raak. Not only is he paid, but he is soul snatching and panty dropping fine.

Raakesh Basset is a bad boy with words smooth like butter. The kicker is, his words match his actions, and Seveyn is left wondering if he can and will own her body if she gives him a chance. The two-day trip was supposed to be for fun, but there’s no fun in questioning if you should throw your already planned life out the window and own the moment or continue to allow your plans to play puppet master.

While they both are completely aware that they want each other, the feeling of running is ever so present. Will Seveyn succumb to Raakesh’s wishes, or will she run back home because it’s not a part of the already laid out plan?

Own It by C. Monet


He has three days to save her…
Dylan Hamilton has waited two years for this day to arrive; the day when Laila Renaud will become his wife. But the morning after his nuptials, he awakens, drugged and confused, only to discover that she has been snatched from his bed. And according to the man who has taken her, he has a limited amount of time to get her back. The clock is ticking…
When Stefan Miller finds three Italian gangsters sitting in his suite the morning after Dylan’s wedding, it’s confirmation that his worst fears have come true. His brother’s antics have finally caught up with him and everyone else, including his love-interest, Sasha, who has been held ransom. Now with the clock counting down, he and Dylan must come up with a plan to save the women from impending doom.
Theoretically, it’s a simple operation: Get Stefan’s brother! Engage Dylan’s mob-boss of a mother! Save the girls!
But the rescue effort doesn’t go as smoothly as planned, especially when the puzzle pieces of Dylan’s traumatic past begin to connect. And especially when Stefan discovers that Sasha has fallen under the curious spell of her green-eyed kidnapper.

Trois: A BWWM Romance:


After crashing a wedding in Jamaica can two strangers find love?

Tamara Reed spends her days seeing the worst that love has to offer as a divorce lawyer. Yet she still finds herself drawn to weddings and a secret part of her heart still believes in love. Crashing a wedding while on a much needed vacation, finds her meeting a tempting man. He not only catches her attention but sets her blood on fire. After an intense night with him, she sneaks home to forget the vacation fling. That’s easier said than done, as memories keep her up at night and her vacation boo tracks her down. Is she ready to take a chance on love?

Benjamin Thompson went on vacation for a little work and a lot of relaxation. Who knew when he took a detour to watch a random wedding he’d get a chance to “play” as well. The woman he meets takes his breath away and knocks his socks off in the sheets. Barely exchanging any info before having the wildest sex of his life, he wakes up to find his sexy siren gone. Hooked after one taste, he tracks Tamara down only to find that she wants to keep their passionate night a onetime deal. As a successful Realtor, he’s accustomed to hard sells. But he’s determined to close this deal no matter what it takes.

Crashing In On Love (Vacation Love Series Book 1)


Sultry Nights is a full-length novel.

Disowned by her parents for loving the wrong man, fashion designer, Teresa Castro returns to Philadelphia to fulfill a childhood dream.

Tall, dark, and irresistible, Pierce Harrington is a forbidden temptation she can’t ignore. Teresa’s past taught her love doesn’t play fair. Though she wants to resist Pierce, it’s impossible to ignore the smoldering chemistry between them.

Former Secret Service Agent Pierce Harrington believed he found his soulmate until his ex-wife cheated. He’s given up on finding love again, until Teresa Castro.

For two years, Pierce shadows the younger sister of professional athlete, Alonzo Castro. Each day, his attraction to the Afro-Cuban beauty grows stronger. After his assignment is over, Pierce makes his move to capture Teresa’s heart.

Will old family traditions, self-doubt, and a spiteful ex-wife spoil their chance of finding love together?

Sultry Nights (The Night Series Book 2)


A Rock Star. A Pastor’s Daughter. One Dirty Encounter.
CAUTION: Dirty deeds ahead!

“She takes my breath… Leaves me burning… She gives me jungle fever.”

“He’s dirty, and it’s not the fact that he hasn’t shaved or washed in days. It’s the way his eyes strip me bare.”

Hiding out where no one knows him, is what Colt Milligan needs. His best friend is dead and no one seems to care. He’s starting to resent his fans, his life, and even his career.

Jamaica, the land of Reggae seems to be the best fit for a rock star, or so he believes. No one knows him, right?

When fate throws him in the company of a pastor and her very beautiful daughter, Colt knows there’s no turning back. He must prove to Sabrina that he’s not just a dirty rockstar – even though he is – but he is a man on a mission. He’s a man who wants more than just a casual encounter. But Pastor McClure isn’t about to give him her only daughter. What can he do to prove to them both that he’s more than meets the eye?

Dirty Encounter: Interracial Connections (Dirty by Design Book 1)


She is everything he wants in a woman.
He is nothing she wants in a man.
The electric chemistry between them is hotter than anything Dex has ever created in the kitchen.

Dex Sinclair is a globe-trotting chef who is filled with wanderlust, but from the moment he’d laid eyes on his brother’s future sister-in-law, Cayla Wright, he was filled with a different kind of lust. Watching his brother fall in love is more than he can take. He wants that for himself. He longs for a woman who challenges him. A woman who makes him want to share everything – his joys, goals, dreams, and achievements with her. A woman who makes him want to give her his heart. She is everything on his list, but some things a man just needs a woman to admit.

Goals. Cayla has plenty of them. Marrying a handsome, nice, black man is her main goal. Dex lights her fire, but he is not what she is looking for in a potential husband. Easy on the eyes, for sure. Dynamic and driven, without a doubt. Truth-telling…unfortunately, he is that, too. Black, not even close. Dex’s gray-eyed gaze pierces her soul, but Cayla keeps a force field around her heart.

Cayla is unsure if she can love him. Dex refuses to accept anything less.

Dex and Cayla’s love has the potential to be epic. Their charisma is something magical worth fighting for.

First, Dex just has to make her Admit It.

Admit It:


Love You… Never by Francesca Penn is coming soon.

Two potential soulmates.
One misunderstanding.
Twelve years of war.


I loved Caris Vaughn from the moment I saw her. Senior year of high school, I vowed to make her mine on Valentine’s Day. Armed with a note that bared my soul, I ordered her a dozen red roses to be sent to her during our class. When she rejected me, it cut as deep as the thorns on the roses she threw at me. I swore that my former love would be my new enemy. I don’t care that seeing her after over a decade still has the power to rev up my heart. I don’t care that she’s sexier. I don’t care that she looks damn good in the lingerie she sells. I still hate her…I think.

I used to want Emiliano, but when he sent me the meanest note I’d ever received, I prayed he would go away forever. Twelve years later, my desire to expand my lingerie company has brought him back into my life. Now, the man I hate the most is also the one I need, professionally. His verbal jabs cut deep, so it doesn’t matter that his light-brown eyes still haunt me. His lips dare me to kiss them, and his body makes me melt. I will not fall for Emiliano Morin, right?
When their heated arguments ignite their latent desires, they decide that there’s only one way to move on from the past.
Hate sex.

Love You Never is coming 2/10:


Coming Soon: Safe Place 2 by Shani Greene-Dowdell.

Catch up on the series before the next book releases.
Dangerous Bonds and Safe Place (Dangerous Bonds Book 2) are FREE with Kindle Unlimited:

“I don’t want anyone to know right away,” I whispered between kisses.
“Your secret is safe with me,” he said, and I dropped the book from my hand as I snaked my fingers around his neck and deepened the kiss.
It was time to just take that leap, no matter what dangerous curves were ahead.

Tameka Oliver has one job: dance with the best man at her sister’s reception. Except, when they begin to sway to the music, something she’s not trying to feel again washes over her. It’s a heated connection that sends her running out of the reception hall…and far away from Jeb Holloway.

Jeb has her right where he wants her, safe in his arms. Then, she runs out on him, leaving him feeling empty mid-dance. A few months ago, he wouldn’t have even acted on his impulse to desire a woman like Tameka. Now that he’s left every bias behind, it’s going to take some convincing to get Tameka to believe her heart is safe with him.


His touch melts the ice surrounding her heart.

Mya Leggett’s plan is simple: help a hurt dragon back to his castle and be rewarded for her efforts. Everyone knows dragons have treasures. Once she’s paid, she’ll use the money to pay off her and her twin sister’s debt. She hadn’t planned on being told she couldn’t leave the castle once she entered it.

She definitely hadn’t planned on learning that the wounded dragon she helped, was actually the alpha of all dragon shifters. To make matters worse, he thinks she’s his mate. Her… a vampire, a creature of the night who doesn’t believe in sex or love. How can she prove to a determined beast that she isn’t the female he needs?

Her touch makes him want to claim her in the most primitive way.

Zane Dracon’s plan is simple: bring his mate to his castle, then convince her to stay there, forever. He expected her to fall in love with him instantly. He’s the alpha, the most feared creature in Velahn, the strongest dragon that’s ever lived. He can protect and provide for her better than any other creature in Velahn.

Yet, she isn’t impressed with his strength and his fighting skills. It’s going to take more to win her over. However, he doesn’t know how to give her more. He knows how to fight. He knows how to protect. But, he doesn’t know how to love.

Will a vampire who’s never felt desire and a dragon who doesn’t know how to love be able to make it work? Find out in this naughty novella.

Mate of Ice – A BWWM Paranormal Romance:

Mate of Fire, book 3 of the Dracon Mates series is coming 2/28.
Read books 1 & 2 to catch up on the series.


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